dimanche 12 mai 2013

Foods help strengthen your hair

If your hair is much embrittlement and flaking and is very weak, you should know that this is certainly due to malnutrition .

And eating foods is not helpful at all to your hair, and now come together to get to know more of the foods that benefit your hair, and works to protect it from embrittlement and fall.

Fresh vegetables:
Such as: broccoli, spinach, parsley, carrots, potatoes, radishes and cucumbers.
Egg whites, chicken and red meat net without liver fat and calf.
Nourishing herbs :
Such as: mint and fenugreek (ground or form of Mahogh) and chamomile.

Health and Beauty: Foods help strengthen your hair

Such as: bananas, strawberries and apples.
Legumes :
Especially green beans, peas and beans.
Natural oils :
Olive oil, nuts, seafood, watercress and garlic and onions and milk
Skimmed and pepper and cherry juice, nuts and berries.

Health and Beauty: Foods help strengthen your hair

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