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Fitness: Exercises to relieve the emergence of the abdomen.

Fitness: Exercises to relieve the emergence of the abdomen.

Thread: obesity and diet .

The emergence of the abdomen that heavy burden, you can Ttakchi it by doing these exercises with emphasis on ten repeated at least three times a day.

Fitness: Exercises to relieve the emergence of the abdomen.

1. Asleep on the ground at noon with the development arms aside. Raise the two men in ten Aadat would be with the two men torso angle. The two men are installed in this position for ten seconds. Then cut in ten Aadat .. Repeat this exercise twenty times gradually.

2. Asleep on the ground at noon with arms set aside. Lift the trunk on the ground with Constipation legs and raising them to the highest height possible, then return to starting position and repeat this exercise 15 times.

3. Lying on the back with hands behind the head networking with your knees bent toward the chest. Raise the legs to the top of 90 degrees with the trunk discouraged knees toward the chest again. Then extend legs forward 45 degrees and then return to starting position. Repeat this exercise up and in front of the 10 times

4. Lying on the ground with deportation between your feet and legs with networking behind the head pulls the head and the shoulder to the top with an attempt to achieve contact between the elbows while maintaining this position for 10 seconds. And then return to the starting position and repeat 10 times

5. Lying on the ground at noon with knee flexion even comes close to the ankles of the basin .. And Meshing the hands behind the head. Are trying to access a sitting position and then return to the starting position while keeping the feet as they are above the ground. And repeat this exercise 10 times gradually.

6. Fifth exercise can be repeated with your knees do not bend, continue legs stretched out on the ground with the attempt to access the sitting position and elbows touching the knees (10 times).

7. Lie down at noon on the floor with the right leg extended on the ground and bend the left knee toward the chest so that the hands are stuck knee flexor attempt to gain access to a sitting position while maintaining the constipation knee and then return to the starting position. Then repeat the exercise with the right foot. The exercise is repeated 10 times.

8. Sitting on the ground with the deportation of the feet and legs with arms extended aside. Trunk wraps to achieve contact between the right hand and left foot and then return to starting position. Wrapping the trunk to achieve contact between the left hand and the right foot and then return to starting position. Thus, the left and right 20 times

9. Parking with deportation between the legs a bit with your hands in the middle. Bent torso to the right in four Aadat and then return to the starting position, then bent trunk left hand in four Aadat then return .. Thus, 15 - 30 times.

10. Parking with deportation slightly between men and raise arms up trunk bent down to touch the ground with no bend the knee and then return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise 15 - 30 times ..

Fitness: Exercises to relieve the emergence of the abdomen.

1 - the division of the three main meals to 5 or 6 small meals
The idea that he usually when we 3 meals a day, we tend to appropriateness of the stomach in full at every meal and this plays a big role in the formation of the rumen and thus when we divide the main meals to meals secondary many, we do avoid the appropriateness full of the stomach as the digestive process continuous requires energy and this means burning more fat.

2 - Remove the rumen by eating foods contribute to fat burning
Foods rich in protein and poor in sugars and carbohydrates and saturated fats are the best in contributing to the removal of rumen quickly such as eggs, fish, cereals and all kinds of vegetables, fruits, non-sweetened "non-canned" All of this limits the accumulation of more fat and at the same time gives a sense of satiety.

3 - Remove the rumen fluid by drinking
Yes, plenty of fluids, especially when the effort or sweat a lot, plays a big role in the removal of rumen this quickly because he found that the members of the body
Do not work well when exposed to water shortages, especially the liver, which plays a major role in fat burning and removing the rumen, but you should avoid fluid high-calorie such as juices and others.

4 - the key to remove the rumen is especially aerobics and abdominal exercises will try to list some of these exercises in another article soon, God willing, because the subject of removal of rumen abdominal exercises is greater than can be covered in a paragraph.

5 - Activate the heart and circulatory system by running, riding a bike, swimming, or walking at least 30 to 45 minutes three times a week this because the exercises stimulate blood circulation contributes to a further influx of oxygen to the tissues, which means an increase in the fat burning process and the removal of rumen .
6 - Finally, there is a point may seem to many it is a task to avoid bad habits in eating incomplete, such as chewing food and eating speed and other play a significant role in the accumulation of fat and difficult process of removing the rumen.

Fitness: Exercises to relieve the emergence of the abdomen.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2: Vitamin youth and vitality: This vitamin is important in the growth of mixtures p O and helps the absorption of iron material representation and metabolized in the body.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B2

1 - natural sources: spinach - lettuce - carrots - turnips - Tomato - radish papers - bananas - peach - apricot - brewer's yeast - corn, wheat and oats.

2 - Animal sources: cheese - eggs - milk - milk - meat - fish - roe (caviar - fish eggs) - Heart - liver - kidney.

Vitamin B2

3 - decreasing symptoms: stunted growth and low weight - damages the skin mucosa - inflammation of the tongue and gums - skin ulcers - cracked lips and corners of the mouth - Frequent tears - congestion of vessels eye vessels - harassment from seeing the light - the overlaying of the cornea and condensation - upset the digestion process - Decadence physical - lack of activity - growing readiness for inflammatory diseases.

4 - cases where a: skin diseases (dry skin) - cracked tongue and lips, broken nails - hair loss - Acne - diabetes mellitus - anemia - inflammation of the membranes of the eye - inflammation of the intestine chronic - Low Power eyes - landing weight baby - more liver ailments and infectious diarrhea.

Vitamin B2
Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1

- Decreasing symptoms: A - Neurological disorders: headache - fatigue - thinner sweats - numbness in the hands and feet. B - disorders of intestinal: loss of appetite - nausea - vomiting - constipation. C - a disorder of the muscles: the dissolution of powers - Muscular dystrophy - symptoms paralysis. Dr. - disorders of the circulatory system: the weakness of the heart - heart palpitations - breathlessness .4 - cases where a: polio - patients beriberi - decadence physical - anxiety disorder - lack of appetite and loss - stunted growth in children - numbness and pain arthritis - nerve pain - double movement - diabetes - inflammation of the nerves - sciatica - depression. And given to pregnant women, as with the rest of vitamins given to child nutrition and gain weight.

Foods help strengthen your hair

If your hair is much embrittlement and flaking and is very weak, you should know that this is certainly due to malnutrition .

And eating foods is not helpful at all to your hair, and now come together to get to know more of the foods that benefit your hair, and works to protect it from embrittlement and fall.

Fresh vegetables:
Such as: broccoli, spinach, parsley, carrots, potatoes, radishes and cucumbers.
Egg whites, chicken and red meat net without liver fat and calf.
Nourishing herbs :
Such as: mint and fenugreek (ground or form of Mahogh) and chamomile.

Health and Beauty: Foods help strengthen your hair

Such as: bananas, strawberries and apples.
Legumes :
Especially green beans, peas and beans.
Natural oils :
Olive oil, nuts, seafood, watercress and garlic and onions and milk
Skimmed and pepper and cherry juice, nuts and berries.

Health and Beauty: Foods help strengthen your hair

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Hair removal methods

Varied methods of hair removal, but the desired result remains the same, ie Strict hygiene and moisturizing skin soft as silk! So you must choose the subtlest way your skin is to avoid many problems were not taken into account.

- Hair Removal Machine: easy to use, quick and inexpensive ... However, they may cause the appearance of the hair under the skin, and the hair grows rapidly.

- Waxing: wax pulls the hair from the root therefore delayed his appearance again. In order to have a stronger effect, it is best to wait for the hair to grow well and then re-remove. But should the attention of hot wax, which could easily burn the skin.

- Hair removal cream: easy to use and fast, but it may cause allergic reactions for sensitive skin.

Health and Nutrition:Berry fruit is rich in vitamins useful and important for health and skin and body

Health and Nutrition :Experts stressed that berry fruit is rich in vitamins useful and important for health and skin and body.

Since they contain phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, chlorine, and is therefore an excellent source of mineral salts. Because of the richness of all these elements, the berries an effective treatment for acne and cleanse and soften the skin where it is used fresh berries after breaking in the form of a face mask for a period of 20 to 30 minutes and then removed afterwards with warm water and wash the face with rose water, and repeat this process twice a week.

Health-and-Nutrition-Berry fruit is rich in vitamins useful and important for health and skin and body
healht and fitness
This mask purifies your skin and maintains freshness. And beauty experts advise entrepreneurs oily skin should use a mask and berries because of the reduced quality of the article it is a great disinfectant for oily skin. This works to moisturize lips berries, and relieves the effects of dry.